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So Happy That You Are Here!

Welcome to my space, THE MODERN DAY YOGI. A place where I am thrilled to get to share my thoughts, ideas, creative pursuits, experiences and passions with to whoever is out there and ready to receive. Yay! Sometimes I share a lot and consistently and other times I find I am not as consistent, usually because I am off diving into new exciting learning endeavors and of course ways to consistently up my vibration and energy (always consistent about ways to self improve myself as a human being.)

I had started websites in the past -usually free sites and would start out with vigor and enthusiasm only to fizzle out with thoughts of what I share would not be good enough or captivating enough for my readers, but I realized that it isn't just for my readers it's mostly for me doing something that I enjoy and if it reaches the right people that can connect and course correct something(s) in their lives  for the better then that's the icing on the cake!! Ive battled with the whole not good enough thing all my life as well as everything has to be perfect and man, is that ever exhausting!! And make note, there will be a future blog on the perfectionism syndrome that I've had all my life) as well as FEAR...*eye roll* All the perfectionism and fear traits have ever done for me is take away the whole why of why I want to blog. You see I have always loved to write and share my life experiences ....writing for me is very healing, creative & expressive. It brings out my inner feelings and also helps me to re organize my thoughts and gives me more of an insight of who I am and what my purpose in this life is. (To INSPIRE AND UPLIFT others). A purpose that just feels very right for me. 

Finding your purpose in life always seemed so daunting and such a far out stretch of something very grandeur and in depth. The better it sounded and the more titles one can attain seemed to be what I was looking for. I feel that society has done a really fantastic job of giving us ideas of what a 'perfect' life with purpose looks and feels like.  (insert the Kardashian lifestyle, the white picket fence with a husband and three kids, two college degrees, etc) 

Purpose is so much more than societies grandiose paintings of success. You see I have learned that purpose is found from within-its what we are all looking for-to have a purpose or for someone to give us a purpose-ideally I find purpose is where you are connected to what you are passionate about and that brings you joy and peace and happiness and flow and relaxation. When you allow yourself to tap into the inner most depths of yourself and really connect to what lights you up and gives you the feelings of amazingness and it all seems to come to you so naturally, that is Purpose married with Passion. The perfect math equation.

So before I go off on too much of a tangent, this is a space that I am passionate about and have connected as my purpose in this life-And with this site/community that I am building here --my calling is to SHARE... my insights, things I have learned, my passions, the wisdom I have learned through trial and error & through inner reflection & study, through travel and failures. This is my journey of self love and the spiritual path that I have chosen to have here in this time on earth. Really we are all just spiritual beings having a human experience and what one can pass on to another on their journey just might stir up a twinkle in another soul, maybe some inner peace that everything will be okay and  that love is the most important thing we are here to learn about and to  share with others as well as with ourselves. 

I would love to connect and build this community with each and every one of you. 

Thank you for taking your time to stop by today!! Have the best day!! Don't forget to subscribe below and I will see you soon for more good vibes and shares. 

Love, TMDY

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Thanks for connecting!! 

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