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How I Began To Heal Myself With Ayurveda Medicine

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

If you are looking for an alternative medicine, consider beginning to heal through Ayurveda. Ayur-Whaaaat-- you might ask??!! (Pronounced EYE-YUR-VAYDUH) Ayur means 'life' and Veda means 'knowledge or science." So we then have the "knowledge or science of life." And with the knowledge and science of life applied through Ayurveda principles, I began to heal myself on so many levels.

Ayurveda is a 5k year old science of alternative medicine from the roots of India, it is a medicine/lifestyle to be practiced for and amazing life...and it is obtained through creating a conscious and healthy lifestyle through NUTRITION, YOGA, BREATHWORK, MINDFULNESS, and AWARENESS. It is, to me one of the highest forms of cultivating healing + SELF LOVE.

Let me tell you just how excited and passionate I am to share this beautiful healing modality with you!!! Dr John Douillard wrote a great article of information easily explaining What is Ayurveda Check it out!!

This is how my journey began.

I've always been one since a young child to read patterns of things, how people respond, then energy of a group of people in a room, people's patterns and routines, how things start and how things end, etc. To me life has been about a simple equation, (and I hated math by the way) but its like A+B=C, cause and effect. I was always really good about watching things and seeing how things come together and work. In my 30's I started to notice that my hair would always fall out and thin ALOT from the summer to the fall season. It was like a pattern and it freaked me out quite a bit. I was young, active, healthy and to me there wasn't a solid reason as to why this was happening. I had been to the doctor and had tests run but every result always returned positive. I didn't have anything other then the usual things that people stress out about-bills, relationships, work and so on, but I didn't have anything outside of the usual normal stressors. It perplexed me and I just chalked it up to whatever after the doctor would deliver my results.

Then once again Summer season would come and then with the transition to fall my hair would start to fall more. Clients of mine had even made comments to me as to why my hair was thinning so much. I then had a new health issue arise that took my attention off of the hair falling. That new condition/imbalance consumed me and well as how to fix that. I had tried many natural remedies and well as western medicine suggestions (which I have never supported except for in crisis or emergency)- I was grasping for anything to heal me but with no luck. I honestly felt that I was having some sort of a spiritual awakening-something that came in to shake me up and pay attention to the choices I was making, consciously as well as unconsciously-in body, mind and spirit. Crazy things come in to help up change the trajectory of our lives and to throw us into our path and purpose and I truly believe this is what happened to me.

So, as I believe, when we are ready to really heal and do the work necessary on all levels, we are presented with the next thing we need, and thank goodness that I was paying attention because then came in-- Ayurveda.

I had some knowledge about the premise of it but just very simple and was always fascinated with the little I did read, and so it felt right to me to start to look into it more and dive deeper. In December of 2018 I found an accredited Ayurveda school online which actually was offering an in person 300 hour Ayurveda & Yoga program certification and was immediately drawn to learning this strange named healing art. I emailed the teacher and asked if I could meet with her in person to feel out her energy and hear about the structure of her program. When I met with her I explained the reason I was interested was to learn about my hair fall and another health issue I was having and I had explained to her the pattern I had noticed from the transitioning of seasons from summer to fall. I was amazed at her answer to my hair fall as she explained when it is summer time and the body is hot and heating up internally as well as externally - especially pertaining to how you are eating (make note of this--all food has a cooling or heating effect on the body and if we are taking in too many heating or cooling foods the body can get imbalanced and like cause and effect the bodies innate ability to try to get our attention that something is off- it speaks to us with its own language- the body can't speak up and say, "HEY ALERT ALERT PLEASE DON'T EAT THOSE THINGS IN EXCESS ANYMORE- ITS TOO MUCH" ( and that is exactly what was happening to me, my body was communicating with me the only way it knew how).

Our bodies speak to us with pain, redness, irritation, bruising, coughing, fevers, chills, emotions of the mind, dry skin, etc etc and yes --hair fall. It gives us clues all the time as to if it is liking what you are feeding it, what you are taking in physically, mentally as well as emotionally). So in continuation with what the teacher was telling me she explained the body can get very hot and dried out on the inside (and if you are already in a state of deficiency or extreme excess, which I find most people are) then like trees that are drying out from the heat and dryness in the summer the leaves begin to fall with the summer to fall transition. It's like the trees dry out and start to die in preparation for the next season and our bodies do what they need to do to to signal that there are changes happening on the inside. That was my first revelation with Ayurveda and health and how I just knew that I had to study this alternative medicine system. It just made sense. It was simple to understand cause and effect and everything that I have learned and embodied has made bountiful leaps of healing in my life. I understand the energetics of foods and Ayurveda's tagline of 'Like increases like and opposites balance." Looking back on my diet and becoming aware of when and what and how I eat, I could see the direct correlation of how I was feeding my body especially in the summer season. I was eating too heating for my body and internally I was heating up on the inside as well as with the summers heat externally. Nothing in my life was really balanced and my body was speaking to me. Alerting me to pay attention. I just at that time didn't have the knowledge that I have now, and that's when I dived in to absorb and learn this healing system.

I was also blessed to learn more of Ayurveda when I embarked on a journey across the globe to Kathmandu, Nepal for a month, living as a local and trying to apply the early learning that I had a few months into my Ayurveda training. More to come on that for sure!

So with this share of how I have learned to listen to my body and its unique way of speaking to me with the help of Ayurveda and its healing principles I have a complete new understanding of how and why I feel the way that I do at times and how eating certain foods and living my life unconsciously affects my health and well being. I still have a certain health issue but I manage it almost seamlessly through my learning with Ayurveda and my hair fall has gotten 90% better since the beginning of my journey. I have learned that any "symptom" is an indicator that I have an imbalance that needs to be addressed and when I wholeheartedly take care of myself in body mind and spirit and with proper and balanced nutrition my body and mind thrives. Ayurveda teaches us to come back to us, it teaches us the greatest lesson of all times, healing is accomplished through self love and awareness.

Join me on these blog pages as I continue to share more of Ayurveda and the beautiful healing that it provides when you commit to yourself and your healing journey. You won't be disappointed.

In Love and Ayurveda,

The Modern Day Yogi!

Ps. For more inspiration, healing tips and connection contact The Modern Day Yogi

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