How I Let Death Inspire + Motivate Me.

Updated: Aug 30

Death. It is inevitable. It happens to each and every one of us at unknown times and to the people we love and care about. I believe that our souls know when they incarnate here when they will leave but to us in human form, it is always an unknown. As I evolve and go deeper I look at death for inspiration and motivation. Yes, there are still tears and emotions and frustrations, etc but going deeper there is more that it holds for us.

The recent death of one of my favorite yoga teachers really brought me to an internal place of introspection. I mean when anyone dies it is always a sort of 'awakening' of just how little time we really have here on earth.

After the initial shock of losing someone you kind of feel discombobulated and life feels very surreal. Like questioning how and why it happened and almost like time is standing still-which is ironic because death always whispers to us just how quickly time does pass us by. It brings you to your knees and cracks you wide open with regret, fear, anxiety, sadness and grief. So many emotions swirling around that you want to contain but can't quite get a firm hold on so that you can put it all where it needs to go.

Each and every encounter with death that I have experienced has and still does motivate me in some way, shape/form in more positive ways. Sounds kind of eerie to say that but its true. It teaches me that TIME is all we really have and that it is limited. There is a means to an end from the moment we arrive until that last fated breath.

Addicted to Success wrote a great article about 4 Reasons To Let Death Be Your Biggest Motivator which you can check out the short read here

Death reminds me of the capacity that we all have as human beings to expand and evolve and show up in the world in the most brightest ways possible no matter what anyone says or thinks against you.

It reminds me to re-evaluate my life where I am at currently and to make any necessary course corrections with my health and wellness and in the direction of my goals and dreams.

It also reminds me to show up stronger, love harder, if I'm thinking of someone to just reach out and connect, to consistently be a better person, trust myself and my path, continue evolving each and every moment and to do the things that my mind sometimes tells me that I can't or wouldn't be any good at.

Death whispers to each of us in its own unique way and comes calling for us when our time here on the planet is complete and whether or not we've done all the things we dreamed about and feel complete with. I know it's not fair to those of us left behind but its really more unfair to be dying before death actually wraps its arms around us and we haven't done everything that we set out here to do. Are you living your best life? Are you living consciously or dying unconsciously as the days come and go? Are you loving yourself and others in the best way possible? Are you using your time here on this earth well spent and serving others? Are you using your time wisely to leave a legacy of how you want to be remembered? Are you working on yourself to evolve your own consciousness? Are you growing, evolving, sharing, loving and creating the life that you want? Because if not, you must ask yourself when Death comes calling for you, will you be complete with how you lived your life and the example of that life you're leaving behind. If the answer is No, what do you intend to do about it now? Let Death inspire you to reach your potential and shift to something far more than you could imagine possible for you in this short and quick life we get to create and live.

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