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What A Modern Day Yogi In A Third World Country Learned About Herself, Life and Traveling abroad

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

*Welcome to Just A Modern Day Yogi in a Third World Country Series of Shares!*

I’m going to share my experiences of traveling to a third world country by myself to embark on a yoga teacher training certification. Buckle up, it was a ride that made so many lasting impressions on me. It was one a crazy ride I will never forget and have so much gratitude for all I learned about myself, life and traveling abroad.

May 1, 2019 The day of departure -

I remember the feelings I had so clearly as if I were going to be taking this trip all over again.

I felt sooo much excitement and freedom knowing that I was ditching outta my normal routine here in the states and taking this experience of a lifetime to go to Nepal

I didn’t know exactly what was in store for me there other than I was traveling across the globe by myself to Kathmandu, Nepal to embark on a teacher training program to further my interest in Kundalini yoga. Little did I know that this would open me up to so much growth, compassion and gratitude for the life I was currently living but unconsciously taking for granted.

This day was quite busy getting last minute things prepared, last minute appointments taken care of, seeing family members and saying my goodbyes for the long while that I was going to be out of the country

I packed and unpacked my suitcases several times over and over mostly because I didn’t know what to take as I would be away for a month (and ya, I still ended up overpacking and my luggage was soooo overweight it cost 300.00 when I checked it in at the airport!!)

My excitement ruled the day that you can see in my video that I did early in the morning I was pretty chipper, happy and enthusiastic

—->And I really want to say with that video take note of my energy field, vibration, skin tone/color, my eyes...just everything because when you see the next video I’ll be sharing which was after 24 hours of traveling in and out airports and just 2 days of being in Nepal the difference of the way I looked-and felt (you’ll see)

It’s interesting to me looking back at the videos just how the trip affected me from the beginning

To me it was very challenging traveling internationally ...I was in my 4th month of Ayurveda + Yoga Therapy school (a completely different program that I enrolled in earlier in the year of 2019) so this trip to Nepal was a separate additional training I was diving into

I felt more prepared to tackle the unknowingness of what Nepal was going to be like for me with the knowledge that I was learning with Ayurveda to keep my body more balanced and healthy

But I really had no idea just how much I was going be imbalanced while I was there

So from an Ayurveda stand point Nepal ended up being a superb teacher for me to apply the knowledge that I was learning in my current program before I left

(You’ll understand why later)

But for now, this is where I want to leave this particular post at!!

Enjoy and stay tuned for more of Just a Modern Day Yogi in a Third World Country series of shares from me.

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