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What is a Modern Day Yogi?

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Well, to start, it's ME. It is a 'pen name' that I created for when I write. I actually have always had a 'pen name/social media name' just something I kinda liked to do especially when it came to me writing. Those of us that go way back to Myspace days (I loved Tom) was where I first created a pen name. (And for those asking about my Myspace name it was Asian Ninja!) Something fun and different and catchy. SO here I am again a different me-in a different time and space with a different name to display the characteristics of my life today.

To me, A Modern Day Yogi is simply a student of life-just like you! It is the continuation of what life presents to you and how you navigate all the ebbs and flows, lessons, teachings and learnings day to day-it is being committed to the betterment of the self- diving into personal growth and development, taking what you've learned and applying principles to your life to up-level and elevate your energy, focus, health and well being & mindset. It is learning how to take care of yourself, self love, how to unlearn all the conditioning from childhood and traumas and to just be a better person. It is practicing what you preach, it is diving into the deep dark places of yourself and shining a light on those areas and accepting yourself so that you can heal. It is connecting with your inner wisdom and listening to your intuition, it is growing, healing and becoming more of the person that you know you are destined to be because you understand and know that you have a purpose in this life. It is about inspiring and nudging others in the most positive of ways.

IT IS A BEAUTIFUL JOURNEY of the person that you are inside and out no matter what has happened to you. It is BE-ing in the flow with the school of life and finding ourselves and the things that keep us repeating the same things over and over again, gaining awareness of what needs to shift, be released and let go of.

A Modern Day Yogi is not a perfect person, they are perfectly imperfect and learning to love themselves and everyone with compassion and gratitude for what this life brings to them, the good, bad and ugly as well as the great, amazing and out- of- this- world!

A Modern Day Yogi rocks to the beat of their own rhythm and honors the individuality and sacredness of one another. They honor traditional learnings of the past and implement sacred teachings into the modern day world keeping up with the flow of todays society.

Sounds kinda like a lot doesn't it!! It really is a simple way of being especially when we learn to stop and get out of our own way. So to sum it up in closing I like to think of living your best life, elevating higher each day the best way you can and being a role model of inspiration for others to follow.

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